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Net Shape, 10 years at a full 10!

July 20, 2022

Net Shape, 10 years at a full 10!

We are not ones to brag. But there comes a time when you cannot ignore an important milestone in a company’s life, and in the life of people who chose to have their careers under this name: Net Shape. Yes, it’s been 10 years. We didn’t take the time build a brand, we didn’t have the time or the inclination. This doesn’t mean we weren’t paying attention to what happened to us, to our identity. We were happy to find out that we were in fact a brand, and not a common one, from our customers. People who chose to work with us exactly because “we want to work with Net Shape”. This is our greatest gain now, 10 years after we were established.


As we have told you in the description here, we are a bunch of good friends and professionals that pay attention to all details. Our experience is very useful, and whether we are talking about Telecom or Wi-Fi projects, we are as receptive and attentive in resolving even the most complicated cases. However, this post is about something else entirely.

This is about Net Shape and the great people that work here. This is about US. Our company’s blog will talk most about YOU, our customers, and the work we do for your good. For yours, and for ours. Today, however, you must allow us to talk about ourselves. We celebrate 10 years, an important milestone in the life of any business. It is an extremely important and hard to reach milestone in such a complicated field as ours.

We sat down and had a little meeting, trying to find what these 10 years meant. In terms that would surprise and amuse us, but also give a sense of the size of our work and make it understood to anyone who reads this article.

So, let’s say that: 10 years of activity means over 1,000,000 kilometers of cables used. Yes, one million! But that’s not all. What if we told you that during these 10 years the Net Shape teams travelled 6 million kilometers? This means we went around the Earth about 150 times (or in other words we covered the distance from the Earth to the Moon 3 times). In 10 years! And no, we are not a courier company

Here are some other figures. We were present with smaller or greater works in all counties of Romania. Each day we go to villages, mountains and valleys, and without exaggeration the Net Shape team would come out on top in any orientation contest… Of course, this doesn’t mean we didn’t get lost a few times, but that’s a story for another time

Since we are doing amazing figures, let’s also mention the over 50,000 pieces of equipment installed in these 10 years. If you calculate an average, you’ll see we are aces in installations So, want it or not, here comes the ad: do you need a pro Wi-Fi, come to us and you’ll be super happy – here are details of what we can do for you. Coming back, we’ll also say that during these 10 years we’ve talked with over 13,000 customers. That was a wow figure, we’re amazed too.

Maybe we should have said how much we’ve spent on phone subscriptions and gas during these 10 years, but we just can’t do that. But maybe we should tell at least once how much we’ve paid to the state in taxes. And the State didn’t even wish us a happy birthday today

To celebrate this anniversary, we all gathered in a special location, at Valea Haiducilor, where we spent a few amazing days in an unforgettable team building. For us it’s been a non-stop adventure, especially since we were helped in the organization by a super team of professionals – people we dearly recommend. They are Romanian Adventure, people who helped us put together a program that would be both fun and challenging to our imagination and skills. Because that’s how we are – wherever we go, we still need to get something done.

The coolest thing, which we all enjoyed like children, was the race with the cars we built there – you realize how fun it was to build the racers, and how many strength and speed calculations we did. We were given various materials, so we were very limited in this respect. At least our imagination wasn’t lacking at all… Our professionals did not make fools of themselves, so all Net Shape cars (we split into 3 teams, so we had to build 3 cars) looked and behaved perfectly. And, as in Formula 1, pilot skill made the difference, in our cases “little horse power”

The end was fantastic, as you can see in the images from the race in our photo gallery. After the race and all the work we went and relaxed with a round of Tyrolean traverse. A good opportunity to underline that Tarzan was Romanian. Pity you can’t hear some of our colleagues’ yells from the pictures…

The evening was dedicated to socializing. And since we weren’t accompanied by girlfriends or wives on this team building, you realize how the socializing came out. Lots of fun, some headaches the next morning for some of us. Also dealt with. With the hair of the dog

The second day was also a competition day. This time we chose a medium where we would all be equal, so we took a kayak race on a nearby lake. And indeed we were all equally. And by that I mean equally soaked. It was fun, the environment was ultra safe (see the life jackets in the pictures, yes), everyone moved their hands, some even their legs… It was a new adventure, a new day together. See here for more images.

We had fun, we enjoyed it, and we certainly will not wait for 10 more years to pass to do it again.

We would like to thank you, who took the time to read about our exploits, but also allow us to thank all our colleagues at Net Shape and their families. Our dear friends, you rock and you know it!

And as the party is over, it’s time to get back to work. So we’ll end with a simple question and a strong answer:

  • Do you need Wi-Fi?
  • You need US!

Best wishes,
Andy & Octavian