Wireless Assessment addresses existing wireless networks that are experiencing problems.

Wireless Assessment addresses existing wireless networks that are experiencing problems. To determine their cause, study tools and spectrum analyzers are used. The configurations of the APs and the controller are analyzed and recommendations are made to fix any problems. These are done by browsing the entire location with the help of Ekahau Survey software, to perform a passive scan of the site.

Coverage information from existing PAs is collected and mapped for comparison with technical requirements. Signal strength, SNR, data rates and co-channel interference are measured and mapped. A remediation plan with recommendations is part of the delivery report. Wireless evaluation does not include the installation of APoS for redesign purposes. It is possible that the recommendation resulting from an evaluation study will be the complete redesign of the wireless network, an activity that would require further visits.

The following information about the current network is useful when conducting an evaluation study: access point location map, access point name / number, access point radio MAC address, SSID broadcast across the wireless network, current configuration of wireless controller. Wireless Assessment can be performed with different KPIs, which usually fall into one of the following three categories: Data Grade, Voice Grade, and Location Grade.

Location performed

On Site

Applicable Site Types

  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Sales
  • Deposits
  • Manufactures
  • Medical sites
    or education

Equipment Needed

  • Laptop Computer
  • Ekahau Survey Pro
  • Ekahau Spectrum SideKick


1. Heat Maps for signal strength, SNR, Data transfer rate and common channel interference based on the degree of technical study

2. Information about Rogue APs

3. Spectrum analysis data with descriptions and signal strength of interfering devices

4. Remedial plan with recommendations (if applicable)

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