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The Impact of Technology on Wireless Network Security

December 23, 2021

The Impact of Technology on Wireless Network Security

As the global wireless network becomes more and more used, the more dangers its users are exposed to. It is true, we benefit a lot from having devices that quickly connect to each other and allow us to do the same. At the same time, online crime increases year after year, and therefore the need for security measures for Wi-Fi networks is increasingly pressing.


The importance of the data transmitted via Wi-Fi increases with volume. While in the past we would send personal information, nowadays such networks are used to send account numbers, confidential data, passwords… Our entire life is connected to the Internet and, as the years pass, more and more devices will be able to take advantage of Wi-Fi connections (there are already refrigerators, washing machines, ovens or air conditioning devices and it is believed that with the launch of 5G networks, important steps towards self-driving cars becoming mainstream.

Limitations of Network Security

While we would be tented to believe that a large number of networks should bring superior security, reality proves us wrong. Companies that use extensive networks, more often than not, do not have security systems to match them.

Unfortunately, wireless networks are still vulnerable and companies have trouble realizing the role of security and whether its elements work. Many times, messages received form antivirus and firewall software are ignored. URL and IPS filters are not used, and installed application control is not very strict.

However, we cannot say that every organization is at the bottom of the security charts. Unfortunately, only few of them use all the necessary means to keep themselves secure. The ones that have the required means to implement complex systems have already done so. For the others, the risks of espionage, data loss or bad publicity are rather large. Now, when computer data is more vulnerable than ever, they are less protected than they should and any mistake could seriously affect a company’s image.

Uncontrolled access to wireless networks is another major problem of companies. They offer their internal account names and passwords to people they come into contact with pretty easily. The bad part is that with this strategy you can never be too sure who you come into contact with. Passwords can be easily stolen by hackers or even sold by former customers.

Our role is to prevent attacks and implement advanced security criteria in wireless networks. We monitor our customers’ networks at all time, make decisions in real time when needed and thus limit potential attacks that could cause damage to companies, and we also manage to maintain a wireless network at the best operating parameters.

Wireless Networks Will Grow in the Future

In this field the trend is upwards. This is why everyone expects that the number of wireless networks in use will increase significantly in the future. Furthermore, an increasing number of devices will be able to connect to such networks, making them even more crowded. This means that both companies and individuals need to adjust their strategy regarding the security of Wi-Fi networks. After all, this is for everyone’s good and this is the only way important information and personal and business data may be protected.

What Needs to Be Done

The first thing an organization should handle is to carry out a quality investigation. The assessment of risks, vulnerabilities, possible dangers and their impact is essential in establishing a useful strategy in the short and long term.

The second step would consist of either developing appropriate security systems for the specifics of the company (number of employees, used data, etc.) or acquiring a quality package from an independent developer. Monitoring, authentication, detection, access control and other strategies are necessary if you want your company to be protected against online dangers.

Last but not least, the infrastructure and the devices that connect to the network must be ready for all the security measures. This means periodic updates, purchasing the best options and not the cheapest, and preparing solutions for cases of crisis.

In conclusion, the entire process must be reprioritized and brought to modern standards. Wireless security is essential for any company but also for individuals, so an investment in this direction is worth making.

Net Shape invests on a regular basis in developing high-performance wireless networks with an increased degree of security. If you need an excellent wireless infrastructure at the office or even at home, please contact us.