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With Ruckus at the beach. Testing the wireless from under the sand

July 20, 2022

With Ruckus at the beach. Testing the wireless from under the sand

Cool technologies from Ruckus challenge us to do all sorts of tests. This way we manage to push the boundaries of such technical works of art like Ruckus APs and see how useful technology is in let’s say extreme situations. Of course, we also have a lot of fun with such tests, and this is a benefit we almost always take into account.


Now that summer is getting close, we are taking a look how it is possible to provide a quality wireless network on the beach. And this while no device or cable is visible. We made a few bets between us at the office, drew a battle plan and ended up with the simplified version of the story, more bluntly put “dude, let’s bury the Ruckus and see what net comes from under the sand”. Besides our rather inelegant crazy engineer speak, the truth is that we were extremely curious to find out what a Ruckus could do under the sand, to see whether we could then make an offer to beach owners.

So, we made our luggage and got on a quick trip to Giurgiu, where we knew a nice beach. Getting there, we gave the Ruckus the last rites and buried it about 30 centimeters under the sand. Under decent conditions, of course, we are responsible people and we wouldn’t just bury a few hundreds of euros just like that The test was quite ok, the guys that lost the bet were in fact amazed and even tried to challenge the results. That’s their problem…

The thing is…IT WORKS! Yes, Ruckus APs can hold a wireless network up even from under the sand. The figures were satisfactory, and this while the sand was actually quite wet. We are sure that the Wi-Fi would get through much easier under dry sand. So all we need to do is go to private beach owners and show them the miracle. Look, man, you can get awesome net to all the people on the beach and you don’t mess with cables they could trip on, or watch the AP to make sure no one comes and grabs it. We hide it in the sand, and it does its job as well from there.

Beyond our fun and possible further developments, we need to say it seriously, the test involved measurements, calculations, calibrations, and pre-testing with many types of antennas. So, engineeringly speaking, we dealt with the issue very seriously, the team contributed a lot, and the skeptics among us motivated the rest of the crew to calculate, think and prepare a correct and efficient setup.

Below you will find a gallery with pictures from the field, and also a short film with our test. What is certain is that Ruckus rules, we have tons of innovation behind us that we can use in the coolest possible ways.

We accept extreme challenges, we are waiting for your ideas. Do you have a place where you think it would be hard to keep a very high-speed Wi-Fi network up? Let’s talk, we’ll come to your place and test it. Even more, we’ll offer Ruckus equipment for 2-3 weeks of testing, for you to make sure that it is what you need. Let’s talk! You’ll find us here.